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Direction Magazine Direction Magazine is published every month in paper and digital form. As a subscriber, you will receive a new issue each month.

New Life Newspaper New Life Newspaper is published every month in paper form only. All You Can Eat members will receive 5 x copies each month.

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Heroes Of The Faith Heroes of the Faith is a quarterly magazine, produced in paper and digital form. As a subscriber, you will receive a new issue once every three months.

iBelieve Magazine iBelieve Magazine is currently published three times a year in paper form only. All You Can Eat members will receive a new issue in the winter, around Easter, and in the summer.


Delusion Of Evolution Now on its 7th edition, this high quality magazine is periodically reviewed and refreshed. As a subscriber, you will receive the most up to date issue when you subscribe, along with any future editions.

Books For Believers In these days of instantaneous online information the printed book definitely still has a place! And Books For Believers is a brilliant selection of Christian books, Bibles, music, gifts and resources.

He Still HealsGiven just three hours to live by the medics, Matthew Murray was on the very edge of eternity when he was brought back from the brink of death through the prayers of believers all around the world. Read his story here.

Holiday Guide A brilliant selection of Christian holidays and conferences from around the UK and abroad that are refreshing for both body and soul.