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Thrilling content

Many thanks for your help... I am now able to access all the articles on and I have to say I am thrilled with the content!

Faithful to the Word of God

iBelieve Magazine is biblical and faithful to the Word of God and presents the message of salvation in a way that people today can understand. So I say to the faithful, use this resource!

I recommend iBelieve for every believer

I recommend that every gospel minister should make use of iBelieve and since 'every Christian is a missionary and every unbeliever a mission field', grassroot Christians should use it too, to reach friends, family and neighbours. If we don't tell them about Christ and the need for repentance, then who else is going to?

Magazines are a vital resource

As an evangelical pastor I have come to see the magazine as a vital resource for outreach to those on the fringes of the faith and equally as nourishment for those who already have faith. I have used many resources and literature over 35 years of ministry and iBelieve Magazine is the best and most useful of them all.

You have exhibited wisdom and empathy

Thank you for the challenging and balanced articles in "Heroes of the Faith". In all that is available to read these days there is little that stands in the face of overwhelming liberalism facing the church. Your articles remind us about the price that people paid to stand for truth according to the Word of God. I liked very much how you brought into balance the George Whitefield statue story. Nowadays we only ever hear one side of the story. Racism and slavery is a festering wound existing from generation to generation. You have exhibited wisdom and empathy in your article.

Rich, thought-provoking content

I was fortunate enough to receive a copy of iBelieve magazine at Christmas and, being a first-time reader I must commend you on such a sterling publication! It is by far the best Christian magazine I have read. Quality aside, the rich, thought-provoking content is easy to read – not too many multi-syllable words, just straightforward talk. Love it!

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Expertise and knowledge

In a world where everything is so fast paced, it’s refreshing to deal with a friendly, helpful company that you can trust. New Life Publishing has your best interests at heart and they love to share their expertise and knowledge of advertising with you

A great community of readers

New Life is a great publishing company to advertise with. From across their excellent range of media we feel the partnership has helped us to be part of a great community of readers. We are extremely grateful to have discovered them several years ago now, and with the great support of the New Life team we will continue to work together into the future.

Thorough and reliable

New Life Publishing is one of the most efficient companies I work with, always quick and happy to oblige. Online ads appear as if by magic, making this a very convenient way to advertise.

Helpful, fun and versatile

I find the team at New Life extremely helpful, good fun and so versatile for all of our advertising needs.