Our magazines wouldn’t be where they are today without the continued support of our loyal readers and advertisers.

From pastors to police officers and missionaries to mechanics , our Christian magazines are making a difference in people’s lives every day.

But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s just some of the praise we’ve received from readers, senior Christian figures and advertisers….

Something for everyone

We have found the New Life papers a great way to get the gospel into people’s homes. With the many and varied articles there is something for everyone to catch their attention and hopefully take them on their journey to finding and following Jesus.  

An invaluable resource

We find our local community really empathizes with the inspiring and great stories within New Life Newspaper. An invaluable resource to reaching out.

Essential for our Christian outreach

We are so grateful for every issue of New Life Newspaper, which is packed with fantastic, fresh and encouraging stories of faith. It is absolutely essential for our Christian outreach.  

Scratches before you have an itch

iBelieve scratches before you even know you’ve got an itch! Entertaining, inspiring and informative reading every month!


Remember, advertising is available every month in print in New Life Newspaper , iBelieve Magazine, Direction Magazine and quarterly in Heroes Magazine. Christian Holidays is published annually and proving highly popular with reader. Plus, we’re always working on specialist one-off outreach publications. Previous titles include Conversion, The Delusion of Evolution, The Beautiful Game and It’s Your Call.

In tune with New Life Publishing’s increasing digital outlook, we also offer a range of online advertising options.

Here are a few testimonials from advertisers pleased with the positive results from placing ads in our publications…

A great community of readers

New Life is a great publishing company to advertise with. From across their excellent range of media we feel the partnership has helped us to be part of a great community of readers. We are extremely grateful to have discovered them several years ago now, and with the great support of the New Life team we will continue to work together into the future.

Thorough and reliable

New Life Publishing is one of the most efficient companies I work with, always quick and happy to oblige. Online ads appear as if by magic, making this a very convenient way to advertise.

Helpful, fun and versatile

I find the team at New Life extremely helpful, good fun and so versatile for all of our advertising needs.

Expertise and knowledge

In a world where everything is so fast paced, it’s refreshing to deal with a friendly, helpful company that you can trust. New Life Publishing has your best interests at heart and they love to share their expertise and knowledge of advertising with you