The Delusion of Evolution


The Delusion of Evolution is a top-quality booklet that shows how the latest scientific evidence points to Intelligent Design.

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The theory of chance mutations fails to convince. The incredible complexity needed to produce life demonstrates that intelligence must be involved. In The Delusion of Evolution you will read about the many fatal flaws in the theory of evolution and how latest scientific evidence points clearly to Intelligent Design.

In the seventh edition of The Delusion of Evolution the reader is guided through a host of articles exposing the flaws in the theory of evolution followed by a dazzling array of articles demonstrating the case for Intelligent Design.

Fully revised and updated, the 68-page latest edition includes:

Things your biology teacher never told you

Darwin’s dilemma: Cambrian fossils

Why fossils can’t demonstrate evolution

Evolution isn’t happening today

The collapsing icons of evolution

Massive evolution experiment fails

Why mutations are not a ‘magic wand’

Genetic meltdown shows we’re devolving

Genetic variations just don’t add up

Dawkins admits he can’t prove evolution

Time is not on evolution’s side

Legal expert throws out case for evolution

Debate over Darwin’s credibility goes global

Intelligent Design theory is gaining ground

Nature’s nanotechnology is proof of design

Complex, specified information = design

Dawkins’ algorithms demonstrate ID!

Earliest bacteria more complex than 747

The two languages of God – in DNA

Epigenetics adds more complexity

Seeing is believing – optimal eye design

Metamorphosis – stunning evidence of ID

Beauty – the extravagance of design

In the beginning… a controlled explosion

The staggering fine-tuning of physics

Mother Earth – uniquely designed for life

You don't need to be a scientist to read it

The Delusion of Evolution is readable, engaging and enjoyable. It is thorough and believable, and you don't need to be a scientist to read it.

Readers of all ages and backgrounds from secondary school upwards will find articles that expose the flaws in the theory of evolution, along with descriptions of the mind-boggling complexity science is discovering in even the very simplest forms of life.

The conclusion is clear: far from an accident of random mutations, our world is designed. And readers are invited to discover their Designer for themselves.


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