iBelieve Magazine Spring 2020


The Spring 2020 edition of iBelieve Magazine is out now!

Order your copy today of this bumper issue that’s packed with over 100 pages of amazing, true-life stories, celebrity testimonies, thought and opinion pieces, and much, much more!

Read the full contents below.

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iBelieve Magazine Spring 2020

Be inspired this spring with iBelieve. Take a look at the stories featured inside the special spring 2020 edition:

Real Life

Justin Bieber has taken to YouTube to talk about his faith

A doctor who was dead for an hour talks about his miracle healing

Amanda Brotherton was in church but not in Christ when the bottom fell out of her world

Persecuted Asia Bibi tells her story of life on death row in book

Miltan Danil’s faith journey began after being told his mum and dad were really his grandparents

A prophecy of trouble ahead helped pastor Glenn Podd plan for the future of his church

Drugs, crime and rape trauma are just some of the battles Mick Fleming has had to overcome


Death in Paradise star Tobi Bakare talks about being too short for footy and his faith

24-7 Prayer founder Pete Greig says he’s still bewildered!

Popular speaker Anne Calver talks about praying for children


Letitia Wright gives praise after defending remarks about faith

Country music legend Dolly Parton says that God has called her to make Christian music

TV adventurer Bear Grylls says that his daredevil life can’t be sustained through human strength

Rapper Kanye West tells a church congregation that God has been calling him for some time


Coronavirus How are we to react to the threat of a pandemic?

Rachel Gardner says the Church should talk to young people about sex

A casual chat with his mum has lived with James Glass over the years

Evangelist J.John says teaching on the Ten Commandments is needed

Phil Weaver considers the triumphant entry of Palm Sunday


From water fights to fireworks! How the world celebrates Easter

Phil Weaver looks at the seven sayings of Christ on the cross


Care for the Family launches the Big Scrumptious Faith-Filled Feast

When Ali Horton told Janet Hughes that God told her to make chutney it started a ministry!

Beth Jacobs explains how she found herself spreading hope in Madrid


Can you help 700,000 children in El Salvador who want to offically exist?

Louise Morse argues that it is time for the Church to roar!

Lyndon Bowring unveils the ten points that we must CARE about

Israel’s survival is down to God’s faithfulness, writes Mervyn Tilley

It’s worth taking time out to evaluate, argues Dave Newton


After combining his two passions – God and sport – Paul Johnson has found real insight in his dream role

Giant front-row forward Joe Taufete’e says a girl led him to faith

Liverpool’s Alisson Becker praises God after winning a top award


Food Five pages of tasty treats from iBelieve chef Emily Glancy

Destination UK Fabulous holidays right here at home

Books Eight packed pages, plus a couple of great competitions

Puzzles Two pages packed with brain teasers to test your skills

Heroes of the Faith David Littlewood looks at the life of evangelist Maria Woodworth-Etter


iBelieve Magazine is a great tool for reaching out to friends, family and your community at large. If your church doesn’t have iBelieve, why not take on this important role today?

For further information, and to order your copies, contact our Friendly Team today.

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