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Get iBelieve delivered right to your door for two months to see just how good it is!

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Get iBelieve delivered right to your door for two months to see just how good it is!


iBelieve is a great new Christian lifestyle magazine for all believers everywhere.

We believe faith is too good just for Sundays. Faith is a seven-day event – and our aim is to capture it all in one great new Christian lifestyle magazine. In short, we believe iBelieve is what you believe.

Our three themes are simple – Fun, Family & Faith.

iBelieve is unashamedly Christian but never churchy. Like you, we love Sundays. But like you, we also love holidays, work days, birthdays, shopping days and lazing-about-at-home days.

We also know there are sad days, lonely days and downright dark days.

iBelieve is perfect for people who believe – and for people who want to believe.

That’s why we’ll report on the stories that separate the spiritual from the secular. It could be the testimony of a Hollywood superstar, a Premiership footballer, or someone who lives down your street.

What makes their story stand out from those in other magazines is one name – Jesus. We believe he is present in every day of our lives – seven days a week. So we’ll write about the commonplace as much as chapter and verse. We’ll focus on holidays and healing. We’ll feature faith and fashion.

We’ll be positive in everything we do and all we write about. Even the difficult issues. Because we know our readers are people who understand that the Bible is for believing, not for bashing.

Above all, we have created this magazine for the same reason you’ll enjoy reading it. iBelieve.