Direction Magazine June 2024


Direction Magazine June 2024 is out now. Get your copy of the official publication of the Elim Pentecostal Church in the UK today!

This high-quality magazine provides the latest news from Elim, plus inspiration, vision and teaching from the wider Christian community.

You can also get a personal subscription to Direction Magazine for a year or longer here.

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Direction Magazine June 2024

Direction Magazine June 2024 is now available. A must have for every Elim member, Direction is packed with news, views and uplifting articles from the Elim community, get your copies today!

Available as a printed publication, or a digital download, Direction Magazine is sure to build up your faith. Why not order a copy for a friend or family member and share the Word of God today.


Why not appoint a representative to order copies for the members of the congregation? If your church doesn’t have a Direction Magazine representative, why not consider taking on this important role within Elim?

Contact our friendly customer support team today for more information.


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