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Books for Believers – A brilliant selection of Christian books, Bibles, music, gifts and resources

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From the introduction to Books for Believers 2019
In these days of instantaneous online information does the printed book still have a place? And what part does reading Christian books have in our journey with God?

As a Christian publisher I’m biased of course, but let me tell you why. Firstly, reading printed books actually aids learning and memory. Various studies show that we learn and retain information better when we read it from print than on an electronic device. One reason is that our smartphones are constantly pinging us from one app to the next, so our concentration span is much less than when we withdraw to a quiet place with just a printed book in hand.

And that brings us to the second and most important reason – spending time with a book allows our minds to really focus, to develop thoughts as we read and apply them to situations in our own life.
Of course, there’s no substitute for reading the Bible but we can learn from the abundance of good Bible-based teaching and the experience of those faith-filled believers who have done extraordinary things for God.

So go on, pick up a book again today – there’s plenty to choose from here for all ages and interests!

Guest Editor Malcolm Down
Malcolm Down and Sarah Grace Publishing, winner of CRT Small Publisher of the Year Award 2017.

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