The gospel outreach newspaper packed with good news stories


New Life NewspaperNew Life is a lively 12-page monthly newspaper, packed with real life testimonies, news and celebrity interviews to build up believers and help Christians reach out to their community.

Across the UK, individual Christians, churches and evangelistic organisations use New Life to give away to:

• Homes in their locality
• Visitors at church services and outreach events
• People who use the church building, such as parent and toddler groups
• Family, friends, neighbours and work colleagues
• Local prisons, hospitals, doctors’ waiting rooms etc

Readers are encouraged to discover Jesus Christ for themselves, and distributors are encouraged to advertise their contact details inside at low cost or use the space provided on the back page.

We can even produce a ‘localised edition’ with a page or more of your own news.

What people say about New life Newspaper

“New Life Newspaper builds my faith every month. As a new believer I have found it very encouraging and inspiring.”

Bobby Hassell, footballer

“I recommend New Life Newspaper as a great resource to give to your family and friends. Its stories carry the truth of the gospel message of Jesus Christ and I know you will be greatly challenged and changed by reading them.”

Danniella Westbrook, Actress

“One of the elderly ladies in our church, who regularly gives out New Life papers in her community, was reading the latest issue when she was called in for a hospital appointment. So she left it opened on her seat and, when she returned, discovered a man reading it who said: ‘You won’t believe how much this has blessed me…’ He told her he was a backslider, who seems now to want to make a new start. Also, a Christian coffee and bookshop in the town centre much used by pupils from a neighbouring school have copies of New Life on every table.”

Charles Gardner, Doncaster

“New Life is a great resource – the best Christian newspaper out there!”

Bruce Dyer, retired Premier League footballer

“Thanks for the New Life Newspapers which we used in our local park Jubilee event. We had a great day and made loads of new contacts. All the papers we had from you were distributed to the locals passing by the stall.”

Mark Kelleher, Jireh Evangelical Church, Loughor

“I encourage churches to distribute this paper – it transforms lives”

J. John, leading UK evangelist