Major-General Tim Cross – The empty tomb changed my life

The empty tomb

“The empty tomb changed my life”

Leading thousands of men into battle in Kosovo and Iraq, Major-General Tim Cross leaned heavily on his faith. He tells Charles Gardner how he became a Christian one Easter after visiting Christ’s empty tomb

A top army officer was converted after being struck by the reality of the risen Christ during a visit to Jerusalem over Easter. It changed him forever, and his Christian faith is now the driving force of his life. In an exclusive interview with iBelieve, Major-General Tim Cross (now retired) recalled his dramatic encounter while on leave in Israel with his wife Christine during a peace-keeping posting in Cyprus in 1981.

He was a captain at the time, having been raised in what he describes as ‘a typical middle class British home’. Tim attended a Church of England primary school and, like many people, assumed he was a Christian. He even took the unusual step of being confirmed while at Sandhurst (the military academy), took communion during his wedding and had his three children christened. So when the opportunity came for a short break in Israel over the Easter weekend, he and Christine hitched a ride on a United Nations plane and took in the sights of the Holy Land.

“I remember going past the bus station near the Damascus Gate and noticing the hill behind it looking like a skull. On Easter Sunday we visited the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and then attended a service at St George’s Cathedral where it was suggested I visit the Garden Tomb, not far from the bus station. “Our guide, a retired military officer called Colonel Orde Dobbie, showed us round and explained how this could well have been the place where Jesus was buried. He read from the Gospels and, most importantly, pointed out the empty tomb cut in the rocks on the edge of the garden. I sheepishly took his advice, and had a look inside…

This article is from the April 2017 issue of iBelieve Magazine. Order your copy today…

“I remember going past the bus station near the Damascus Gate and noticing the hill behind it looking like a skull.”

“Faith had to be part of who I was, how I commanded, the way I spoke”

“If you lose the moral component, you lose everything.”

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