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Extended book review by Mark Pugh…

I love biographies, especially when they are written by people I know or I have some understanding about their lives. I often seem to hear their voice as I read the pages and get fascinated by insights and experiences that were previously unknown. John Glass will be familiar to many, and this biographical account is a wonderful opportunity to hear his ‘voice’ open up about his life. Starting from his early family memories right through to completing an unprecedented four terms as Elim’s General Superintendent, he takes the reader behind the scenes into his fascinating journey.

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It’s a chronological account that begins with stories from his childhood – stories that give insights into his family life, often showing the sacrificial example his parents displayed in following God’s purposes for them as a family. As John recounts these memories, the significance of these early days in the formation of his values is evident. His emotional conversion as a child sets the tone for the sincerity of the Christian journey that followed and his call into ministry is dramatic and clear.

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