J.John - stadiums? Yes please

Stadiums? Yes please says J.John

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J.John - stadiums? Yes please


J.John has carved a reputation as one of Britain’s foremost evangelists. And now, after packing out churches, conference centres and arenas across the world, he’s turning his attention to football stadiums

Emirates Stadium London

J.John is encouraging Christians to each bring one non-believer to his evangelistic event in July at the Emirates Stadium in London

For more than three decades Canon J.John has defied the usual conventions of evangelism with his creative style of communicating the Christian message. His unique approach to using humour and storytelling to preach the gospel has seen him speak in 69 countries, taking part in 102 university missions and 350 church town missions over the past 33 years. One of his most successful evangelistic campaigns to date was his series of Just 10 talks, which packed out some of the largest venues across the UK with a staggering one million people attending.

J.John explains how God inspired him to launch this series on the ten commandments at the turn of the century. “Back in 1999 so many of us were seeking the Lord with the significance of a new year and a new millennium,” he tells iBelieve.“I felt the Lord say to me that I want you to preach the ten commandments. It seemed like a bit of a curve ball because I became a believer in 1975, but from then until 1999 I had never heard anybody teach the ten commandments, which staggered me. “With ‘Just 10’ I prepared these messages and it coincided with me having a sabbatical. I’d been in the ministry for 25 years. So for the first time in my life I actually had ten consecutive weekends free.

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“Back in 1999 so many of us were seeking the Lord with the significance of a new year and a new millennium..”

“I think people have got an impression that people don’t come to mission meetings, but everywhere we’ve been in the last 33 years in Britain and particularly since 2000 we’ve filled the largest venues in every city and every town we’ve been to.”

“I felt the Lord say to me it’s time to proclaim my good news in the football stadiums, and I want you to do it.”

“I think there’s great receptivity for larger-scale proclamation evangelism and I sense that we’re going to be doing this, God-willing, for the next ten years..”

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