Kidnap victim saved by miracle

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Kidnap victim says God saved her after the gun-wielding thugs threatened to kill her after putting a ransom on her life

Three men carjacked Victoria Oyekpen and drove her at gunpoint into a forest.
Mrs Oyekpen – who is a chief magistrate of Nigeria and wife of an Anglican minister in the African nation – said the Holy Spirit spoke to her throughout the attack and described her escape as a‘miracle’.
She said: “Some boys came out of the bush and stopped us at gunpoint.
“They pushed me out of the car and into the forest. They kept pushing me, I was on barefoot at the time.
“All through the night they were telling me to ‘sit and obey’, and we kept moving until we got to a fourth stop, which was on top of a stone. It suddenly started raining and I prayed to Jesus, ‘Please stop this rain.’ And immediately the rain withdrew to heaven and these men were amazed.”
Despite seeing Mrs Oyekpen calling on the name of Jesus to stop the rain, the men continued with their plans to kill her, unless a ransom could be delivered.
She added: “They lowered me into a valley deep down… they kept getting calls from their master. They told me they were going for ten million naira (£3,300), and if they didn’t get it they would kill me. I told them, ‘God is going to take care.’”
The kidnappers then opened negotiations with Mrs Oyekpen’s family and colleagues, who insisted the most they could provide would be 300,000 naira.
She said: “At that point I told them of Jesus. They told me they went to the mosque and I said, ‘I go to church, Jesus is a good friend to me and he can be to you too.’

‘I go to church, Jesus is a good friend to me and he can be to you too.’

“Two of them went to pick up the ransom, they were angry and one of the men put the gun on my head and the other said, ‘Shoot her.’ The other man did not release the trigger.
“Rather, he said to me, ‘Your people have brought security and we warned you what this would mean.’”
However, it was when the three men left to discuss the final ransom amount that Mrs Oyekpen was delivered to safety.
She added: “All three of them left me and I asked the Holy Spirit what I should do. At 1:30pm, by the leading of the Holy Spirit, I got a clear instruction to move and I obeyed.
“God helped me to climb that very high stone and on through the forest I went and God helped me out onto an old road where I found some security men, who had been around us all night, but just couldn’t enter the forest.
“God delivered me and we did not pay any ransom at all.”


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