The life of Backstreet Boy Brian

Christian faith ‘is foundation for decisions’


Brian-LittrelBackstreet Boy Brian Littrell says his faith has kept him grounded after touring the world and selling a whopping 130 million albums.

The superstar, 39, was raised in church and planned to become a church minister – until he received a call from his cousin that launched his music career.

But Brian’s Christian beliefs have always remained and he is as committed as ever to his faith in God.

He said: “I grew up as a little boy singing at church and it was always part of what I did.

“I sang at my church, in gospel choirs and in choirs at school. My grandparents were singing, my mum and dad sang and my brother sings.

“I knew God had multiplied my audience all around the world to have the ability to talk about my faith and who I am, as a father, a husband and a man of faith. It’s always been my foundation when it comes to how I make my decisions; how I go about my personal and professional life. My faith has always kept me grounded.

“The music world will chew you up and spit you out, so you need that foundation.

Brian with the rest of the Back Street Boys

Brian with the rest of the Back Street Boys

“So many people get caught up in the glitz and glamour and they lose themselves. It’s a tough business; you always have to be on.”

While there are countless young stars who seem to make tabloid headlines for all the wrong reasons, Brian has always worked hard to live a godly life.

“There is always temptation, but it’s about how you deal with it,” Brian explained.

“I’ve been happily married almost 14 years now and we have a very stable, strong relationship. Even my fans know that my wife is part of me. You never see us one without the other. That’s a good thing. I think we can set an example for artists in the future and for regular people, because that’s all we really are.”


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As well as being part of the bestselling boy band of all time, Brian launched a solo career producing Christian music in 2006.

His debut album Welcome Home has sold more than 100,000 copies and the singer has won four GMA Dove awards since the album launched.

Describing his musical sound and his aim in making his own music, Brian added: “I call it an eclectic style.

“We make music for fans of all ages. In Christian music, maybe I can tell a different story and share who I am versus the pop star.

“Being a pop star is great, but I’d much rather be my little boy’s hero.”


New Life

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