Mum set to meet the killer of her teen son

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The Christian mother of murdered teenager Anthony Walker is set to meet her son’s killer face-to-face.


Gee Walker agreed to visit Paul Taylor – who bludgeoned the 18-year-old to death with an ice axe in a racist attack – after he wrote her a letter.

And the campaigner has revealed she WILL meet him, but not for another two years when the 10th anniversary of the shock killing will be marked.

Gee said: “It’s not ten years yet, but I want to see him at that period because I can see what’s become of him. I want to see the transition in him. What does bitterness do? It eats you up inside, it’s like a cancer. We don’t want to serve a life sentence with those people.”

Taylor, 20, and 17-year-old Michael Barton were convicted of racially aggravated murder in Huyton, Merseyside, in 2005 and jailed for life. Mrs Walker said at the time that she would forgive the killers.


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