MATTHEW MURRAY: Don’t be lonely, Jesus said he will never leave us

I read a national newspaper campaign recently that highlighted the growing issue of loneliness in the United Kingdom.

The article was written by a successful, popular and highly-acclaimed writer in his 50s who spoke of his own battle with being lonely.

This journalist had been separated from his wife for two years and had few friends. He hated being alone and avoided his own home because the pain of being there with no company was too much.

Are you lonely? Do you struggle to make friends? Are you single? Are you married but feel void of social interaction? Does it seem a long time ago since you went out with your mates and had a good laugh?

The fact is, for many people in Britain today, that is their story. They are lonely, terrified and desperately seeking help.

So where does that leave us as Christians?

Firstly, we can be comforted that Jesus said he will never leave us or forsake us, so no matter how life has turned out and how disappointing things may seem, we have a father in heaven who can be by our side at all times.

The Holy Spirit is even described as our ‘comforter’. What a refreshing thought!

Secondly, King David wrote that God would put the lonely in families, so I want to encourage you today, plug into a church that will give you the family and friendship circle that you’ve been crying out for.

Of course the main purpose of attending church is to worship God, but one of the added benefits is meeting likeminded people on the same spiritual journey.

There are hundreds of great churches today across Britain with life groups, marriage courses and social activities that could be just what you need.

Try out a church today. Don’t be scared or fearful (they won’t bite!). Turn up this Sunday and let God bring change to your life.

This is Matthew Murray’s column from the November 2016 issue of New Life Newspaper

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