JustOne – J.John gives the Gospel message to 23,000 people

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23,000 Poeple take part in stadium event

THOUSANDS flocked to the Emirates Stadium, – the home of Arsenal Football Club – in July for an evangelistic event hosted by J.John at which a reported 2,000 people received Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour.

More than 23,000 people were in attendance as J.John spoke a message of hope to a stadium full of people in a city which has recently experienced more than its fair share of tragedy. Among the thousands of people who packed into the stadium to hear J.John were 300 survivors and families of victims of the Grenfell Tower fire. J.John said: “The experience this Saturday at the Emirates Stadium was exhilarating, and it was a privilege to witness so many people making such significant steps along their individual journey of faith.

2,000 become Christians during special football ground gathering

“No matter who you speak to, people right now need security, stability and hope. This is what Jesus offers. “Many of the world’s problems are born out of a lack of forgiveness.“While governments and charities attempt to alleviate the symptoms of these problems, Christianity can tackle their root cause, as the Christian message is one of forgiveness for the past, new life for today and hope for the future. JustOne at the Emirates Stadium gave thousands of people a opportunity to hear the relevance of Jesus Christ and follow him. This was just the first in a new season of JustOne stadium gatherings around the UK, which J.John sees as the ‘secular cathedrals’ of our time.



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