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Former prisoner goes back behind bars to sing gospel music

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John Finlinson and his band Finnymusic spread the Lord’s message in jails


A one-time prisoner has told how he and his fellow band members are using their love for music to spread the gospel in prisons.

Suffolk-based landscape gardener John Finlinson and his team, Finnymusic – a band of mostly ex-offenders or ex-addicts – take their sounds to inmates with a passion for sharing how Jesus has changed their lives.

But life didn’t start well for Finlinson.

He said: “I had a broken family. I was lost and caught up in habits I couldn’t break. First, I was bored. I got in trouble with the police for petty crime, break-ins and stuff.

“But as I got older I started getting involved in fighting and getting more respect from my friends. It was a false identity.

“I got attention through what I did and sank into a deeper circle of crime, drugs and violence. I was sent to prison when I was about 12.”

While Finlinson was behind bars, Jesus stepped in and he discovered a personal relationship with him.

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