Here we grow in London

The Church in London has grown by 100,000 people in seven years, latest figures reveal.


The London Church Census also found:

● Two new churches open in London every week.

● Six per cent of new churchgoers were members of a different religion before they started attending church.

● More than 700,000 Londoners go to church every Sunday.

● A third of London’s churchgoers are Pentecostal and more than half are Evangelical.

St Pauls

Although the research, which was carried out in 2012, presents great news for the Church in Britain, there are also some challenges. The Roman Catholic Church only saw a one per cent increase in their attendance during the last seven years, while the Baptists were down by nine per cent and the Methodists by 11 per cent. The report reads: “The London Church Census found that the parts of London where churches are growing are influenced by significant African and/or Caribbean populations – the number of new churches grew by 25 per cent or more in Southwark, Lambeth and Newham, with church attendance growing by over 50 per cent in Southwark and Lambeth and a third in Newham.”

Pastor Jonathan Oloyede leads City Chapel in Beckton and is the leader of the Global Day of Prayer for London.

He said: “It’s encouraging to see the strength and growth of the churches in London, but the figures also present many challenges.

“I hope the picture these statistics paint will encourage Christians to pray for our city, and to plan for what we will do in our local communities and churches to meet the needs of all of London’s neighbourhoods.”


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