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The Most Powerful Example of Forgiveness – Jamie Saint Copy

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The most powerful example of forgiveness

Within weeks of graduating from high school, Jaime Saint flew to be with the Amazonian tribe that killed his grandfather.

When MAF pilot Nate Saint and four other missionaries were brutally killed by members of an animistic tribe in the Ecuadorian rainforest in 1956, his legacy to bring the gospel to the unreached didn’t end there.

After carrying out regular flights over Waodani settlements, the missionaries were able to exchang gifts and friendly messages, which enabled them to establish a camp a few kilometres from Waodani settlements. But despite what appeared to be positive engagement with the tribe, warriors waited until the mis- sionaries were distracted and then speared them to death.

The news of their deaths rocked the world, with stories about the tragedy published by Life Magazine, Reader’s Digest and many other publications. However, God continued to write the story of what Nate Saint began.

Nate’s sister Rachel and the wife of one of the other missionaries, Elizabeth Elliot, continued the work that had been started. They made peaceful contact with the men who had killed their brother and hus-
band, and eventually the women went to live among the tribe in the jungle where they provided practical
ministry to the primitive people. As a result of this there was a decline in violence among tribe members
and many came to Christ and a local church was planted there.

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