In the wedding ring – Nigel Benn is fighting for families

In the wedding ring

Nigel enters a new arena

Formerly a serial adulterer, the boxing legend is taking on a rather unusual path…

young nigel and caroline

Nigel and his wife Caroline

Former world champion boxer Nigel Benn has a new mission in life to restore the lives of men rather than punch them out. After becoming world champion at the peak of his career he attempted suicide when his marriage fell apart and he suffered a nervous breakdown. But when his family moved to Mallorca his life was turned around after a life-changing experience with Jesus.

Nigel and wife Carolyne now live in Sydney, Australia, and he’s an active volunteer in Hillsong Church, helping to restore men facing their own family issues. “Now myself and my wife are volunteers at Hillsong,” explains Benn, formerly known as the Dark Destroyer. He adds, “She’s just finished her chaplaincy course and I’m about to do it because there’s a lot of men here who are really struggling through walks of life. So really that’s my goal – to be a marriage counsellor alongside my wife. That’s where my passion is because if you can keep a family together then that’s it for me. Because I’ve been through a divorce and I’ve been through the heartache of it, and I want to stop men going there.

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“We need a movement of real men, who’ve been through the school of hard knocks”

“All I want to do is spread the gospel. I pray there’ll be a Holy Spirit movement in that place that people will get touched.”

“You can’t get any more joy than when you know the Lord is using you. Nothing else matters. I can come home from a stressful day and say, ‘Thank you Lord.’”


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