Goodbye from iBelieve

Goodbye from iBelieve

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Goodbye from iBelieve

Sad news for the readers of iBelieve Magazine

While the rest of our titles are thriving here at New Life Publishing, sadly iBelieve is not. An enormous amount of prayer and care has been poured into iBelieve by the whole team over the past six years but, sadly, we have been unable to find the level of circulation and advertising needed to make the magazine a success. The time has come to call a halt, and the February 2018 issue will not be produced.

We certainly don’t want to leave our regular readers high and dry, and happily, iBelieve is not the only Christian magazine we produce. We are delighted to recommend Direction Magazine, New Life Newspaper, and Heroes of the Faith.

Direction is the outstanding glossy monthly publication from Elim with a similar shape and feel to what you are used to. Filled with encouraging and informative articles from Elim and the wider Church, we feel confident you will quickly grow to love Direction.
You can read more about Direction here:

New Life Newspaper is another monthly, with similarly encouraging stories of faith. Widely used for outreach, many churches choose New Life as a brilliant boost to believers with the added benefit of having in your hands the perfect tool to give away the Gospel after you’ve read your copy!
You can read more about New Life here:

Heroes of the Faith is our super-encouraging quarterly magazine focussing on the lives of men and women who really made their mark for God and the Gospel. We reckon you can’t read a single issue without wanting to pray harder and believe God for more! See what you think.
You can read more about Heroes of the Faith here:

Choosing between these three great titles is a real challenge – but don’t let it keep you awake at night, you can always go ahead and order all three!

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