iBelieve March 2014

The March issue of iBelieve includes:




We speak to Roma Downey, the creative genius who went from playing a messenger to bringing the Bible to life on TV

A vivid dream inspired Alex Willmott to write a book that is now a film

Aston Villa goalkeeper Brad Guzan reveals what he says was the save of his life!


Barry and Margaret Mizen tell how their faith helped them cope after their teenage son was killed

After a brain aneursym, Muslim Karim Shamsi-Basha was healed and became a Christian

Mum Rachael Webster quit as a call girl and chose to follow a higher calling


A question of giving: our money expert looks at the pros and cons of making your gift work

Marriage course expert Nicky Lee explains why you must pray before proposing


Evangelist Joyce Meyer explains why we must stay humble before God

Men’s ministry leader Carl Beech discovered the perfect gift that his two daughters wanted most


If you’ve never really grown up, then we’ve got your next hobby… geocaching!

My Favourite Things
This month it’s Tim Heard’s selection

Editor Peter Wreford introduces entrepreneurs who run their business in a Christ-like way

TokyoRest Days
What to do and see when visiting Japan’s capital, Tokyo

We look at the new life which Christ won for us on the cross

Beyond Reasonable Doubt
Are we just animals? Mark Wreford explains why evolution is a bleak tale

Why I Believe
Nurse Lindsey Everatt explains her faith in Jesus

Books, music & DVDs


Two pages of fun

How to get grammar right

We meet two young men who have launched a website that’s safe for Christian teenagers


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