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Women’s ministry was a calling Charlotte Gambill didn’t expect to receive

The Church should not be run for its members and must keep evangelism simple, says J.John in an exclusive interview

Hollywood star Denzel Washington reveals that he reads the Bible every day

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God is with you throughout your journey, writes columnist Joyce Meyer

Marriage is God-given and the best chance of happiness if we work at it, says David Littlewood

Mark Wreford wises up and discovers that grey hair is a crown of splendour in this month’s Daddy Diaries

Running is something we can all do, reckons Carl Beech, and he finds it can lead to spiritual moments

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iBelieve chef Emily Roberts is hanging on to summer with cold drinks, including tropical fruit punch

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When Elizabeth Pepper’s husband faced surgery after being struck by a serious illness she turned to God

Chris Hardy was a self-confessed hard-hearted man until he encountered Jesus

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Your Money Finance expert Jeff Lestz explains why spending time planning finances is a wise move

iTech As more people make YouTube videos, we look at the best gadgets for your own home studio

Going Places With unrivalled heritage, coast and country, there’s a lot to see in Northumberland

Why I Believe Co-leader of a church in Stoke, Sara Jukes explains how faith has set her free

Devotion Whatever your situation, praise is bigger than what you’re facing, writes Ben Hampshire

Devotion The bread that you get at church is more than bread alone, explains Mark Wreford

As the world of sport focuses on the Rugby World Cup, we highlight the players with faith

Favourite Things Musician and youth worker Ant Lee chooses his faves

iReviews The best in Christian entertainment with Rachel Issitt

Puzzles a whole page of fun

How to research your family tree

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iBelieve editor, Peter Wreford

In Narnia, it is always winter but never Christmas until Father Christmas appears.

The men and elves defending Helm’s Deep face overwhelming numbers of Saruman’s orcs until Gandalf’s arrival with the dawn in The Lord of the Rings. Tolkien and Lewis’ visions of worlds dominated by a sinister power aren’t so far removed from our situation. As Lewis powerfully pointed out in Mere Christianity, we live in enemy-occupied territory. It’s just that we sometimes forget this. Our nation is contested. A battle is being fought for our streets, our towns, our cities – our homes and our families. This is why I’m so inspired by my good friend J.John’s passion after all his years in ministry, and I hope that you are too. J.John is an example to all of us of someone whose fire is still burning brightly to make a difference and to share the amazing grace he’s been given. This is exactly why we exist at iBelieve. We want to get the good news into the hands of as many people as possible. We’ve been at it for decades, but I – like J.John – see something new on the horizon. We live in a nation that needs revival. In Charlotte Gambill’s terms, we’re in the middle: we’re in desperate need of a miraculous touch from God. That’s exactly the time that we shouldn’t lose hope, though. Father Christmas appears. Gandalf arrives. Christ came and he will come again. We might be living in dark days in the middle of the miracle, but we have a sure and steadfast hope. That’s a hope that we need to share. J.John is undoubtedly right that witness is far more important than we’ve let it become. Let’s pray anew for a revival, care for the people around us and share the gospel with them: it might be as simple as passing on your copy of iBelieve.


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