iBelieve Magazine September 2014

The September 2014 issue of iBelieve includes:



A vision for a House of Prayer is reinvigorating evangelist and leader Ken Gott

Ministry founder Rachel Hickson believes God saved her life after a road accident

Golf’s Masters champion Bubba Watson loves to tweet about Jesus

Angus-JonesREAL LIFE:

Ex-teacher Norma Murrain believes God has used her business to reach some of the world’s poorest

American sitcom star Angus T Jones quit show to study the Bible after finding God

Prayer helped make sure that Alex Quinn recovered after birth complications


Our resident chef Emily Roberts gets her inspiration from Greece


Keeping fit is all well and good, but should you splash out on buying that gym membership?


Christianity gave us freedom of speech, argues David Littlewood

Don’t run from change, advises bestselling author and columnist Joyce Meyer

Praying for people addicted to gambling is essential, writes Lyndon Bowring

Mark Wreford recalls the moment he will never forget in Daddy Diaries

Get busy living or get busy dying, says men’s ministry director Carl Beech


We choose our favourite gadgets currently out there for homes

Author Hanspeter Nüesch reveals how Ruth Graham felt honoured to serve with her evangelist husband, Billy

Favourite Things
This month, Aaron Morris chooses the things he loves

Rest Days
The surprising capital city of Germany, Berlin

The importance of understanding the Trinity

Beyond Reasonable Doubt
It takes real courage to put your faith in Jesus, writes Mark Wreford

Why I Believe
Nursery nurse Shaneen Lee explains why she believes

New Christian
Ruth Roberts writes about the time she left a friend speechless as she spoke about her faith

Books, music & DVDs

Two pages of fun

How To
Keep learning


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