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Andy Hawthorne is a man with a message who is desperate to see Britain transformed

Becky Murray saw malnourished children on TV at the age of four, and it made a lasting impression

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Amy Webb heard God calling her to dedicate her life to ministry during a terrifying car crash

After walking away from church, Joe Gisbey’s life took a turn for the worse until he ended up on his knees

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iBelieve chef Emily Roberts chooses two easy bread recipes

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Nat Torr picks up some fashion bargains at the charity shops

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Keep following your God-given dream, urges iBelieve’s Joyce Meyer

Make sure life’s weeds don’t get a grip on you, says Carl Beech

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Your Money Finance expert Jeff Lestz reveals the financial questions you must ask yourself before investing

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iTech With winter around the corner we look at streaming boxes and investigate which is the best for you

Going Places Boston is one of the oldest cities in the United States. We check out what to see and do there

Why I Believe Sunday Night Live’s Jonny Kinch talks about faith

Slavery sounds like something from history, but it’s a modern problem. We speak to those who are tackling traffickers

How to write a poem

Devotion Follow Jesus, don’t ask him to follow you, writes Charlotte Gambill

Devotion If you believe that things aren’t looking good allow God to open your eyes, advises Ben Hampshire

iReviews The best in Christian entertainment with Rachel Issitt

Puzzles a whole page of fun

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iBelieve editor, Peter Wreford

War is a messy business, filled with hardship, desperation and innocent victims.

It really must be undertaken only as a last resort. In fact, there’s only one thing that’s worse. And that’s pacifism.
Now, I’m not talking about bombs and bullets here, I’m talking about the life-and-death cosmic conflict that every single one of us is involved in – whether we know it or not. In that conflict, we must rewrite the word pacifism with ignorance, blindness, and fear. For we are undoubtedly facing an avalanche of evil that we cannot ignore. Take the woman in America, imprisoned for refusing to issue a marriage certificate to a same-sex couple, something that until just weeks ago was illegal but has now been foisted onto the nation by a Supreme Court majority verdict.
Today America is the land of the free-for-all. The day we vilify men and women for their Bible-based beliefs is the day that sin emerges from the shadows and begins to strut down Main Street.
The image of a young boy lying face down on the sea shore finally gave a human face to the desperate plight of the refugees streaming out of Syria but, make no mistake, an unseen war of equal proportions is raging right here in the UK.
That is why I am so proud of my friends Ben Cooley (p24) and Becky Murray (p30), who one day said ‘enough’ to the evils that stalk the land in the guise of people trafficking around the world and orphans trying to survive alone on the streets.
Like them, I declare war today. War on the desperate plight of a nation where people are starving to death spiritually. Where readers can be diverted by every trifle and fancy, but where gospel publications are virtually unheard of on the newsstand.
Will you join me?


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