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iBelieve Magazine June 2015

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New author Katherine Blessan explains how she found the truth about God in Narnia

American Idol star Colton Dixon reveals how his faith sustained him on the TV show

Once homeless, Jeff Lestz says he used biblical principles to become a millionaire

Priest’s son Bentley Browning enjoys having a laugh when he’s sharing the gospel

God had been chasing me for years, jokes Olympian runner Nick Willis

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Ann Sunderland felt she was going through a living hell until her heavenly father turned things around

Cancer victim Dave Bell says it’s a miracle that he was able to become a dad

Teenager Emily Jewson went right off the rails until she turned back to God

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Resident chef Emily Roberts chooses two delicious, easy seafood dishes for you to try

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How to arrange flowers like a pro

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Words have power, so watch what you say, writes top-selling evangelist Joyce Meyer

In Daddy Diaries Peter Wreford ponders on his teenage daughter and her baffling use of a mobile phone

Bible teacher RT Kendall explains that God doesn’t want us to struggle

Carl Beech encourages us to have a church-planting adventure

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In iTech We look at the best in his and hers hair removal gadgets
Favourite Things this month Donna Shaw makes her choices
Money we look at how coins and notes ended up in our pockets
Going Places Summer and Bordeaux go together very well
Devotion Learn to live and operate in the box you’re in, writes John Andrews
To be a living sacrifice you need to be generous, explains Mark Wreford
Why I Believe Anthony Hodgkinson says he never doubts God but often doubts himself!
iReviews The best in Christian entertainment with Rachel Issitt
Puzzles a whole page of fun

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iBelieve editor, Peter Wreford

Lessons for life

This is a big month for me. My youngest, Sophie, finishes her GCSE exams this very month. She has been preparing very hard – not like my eldest. When I tried to help him get ready to obtain the top grades, I asked him how he could put himself in the best position and he told me that relaxing was essential!
The truth is probably somewhere in the middle. Sophie has been flapping about revision for months and I have no doubt that she will do very well. A little less panic – and some more relaxation – might have been helpful for her. My eldest, though, could have used a little more endeavour to truly get the best out of himself.
There are lessons for life here: wherever you find yourself, it’s your job to walk towards the middle. God isn’t blandly occupying the middle ground, but he is the centre of gravity around which everything in life arranges itself. God must be at the centre and it’s always our job to walk towards him.
That’s why Emily Jewson’s story captures my imagination. For one so young to have learned such a tough but valuable lesson is inspiring. As the father of a teenage daughter myself, I know firsthand the trials every parent faces trying to raise upright kids in a crooked and depraved generation. It’s inspiring to hear the story of one life transformed because that’s what our God does: he changes lives.
Bentley Browning has realised that too, and he’s also out to share the good news. I love his happy take on evangelism! Teaching preachers to be funnier is a fantastic idea: anything that can help draw people to the Lord gets my vote.
New Life Publishing is all about drawing people to God. Our aim is to put the gospel on every newsstand in the country and to take the good news to every home in the land. Why not join us in this great cause and get in touch today? Here’s to a great revival in Great Britain…


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