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Unity is on God’s agenda, explains church planting pioneer Stuart Bell

Big Church Day Out’s Tim Jupp says stepping out in faith is the only way to live

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho reveals how he leans on a higher power
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When Kelly Varley’s husband and uncle died her local church helped rebuild her life.

Once I was blind but now I see… former blind man James David tells how God performed a miracle.

Brad Moore tells how he was able to take much-needed clothing to desperate refugees in Jordan

Our church had to step out and take risks but it paid off, explains Pastor Phil Shaw
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iBelieve chef Emily Roberts suggests you save plums and chillies to make some fabulous jams
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Your Money Finance expert Jeff Lestz offers top advice in his brilliant new column

How to live in the fast lane!
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Try mercy instead of getting angry, writes top-selling evangelist and iBelieve columnist Joyce Meyer

Darrel Anderton explains why he was left agreeing with a gay atheist over the Church and it’s lack of conviction

Your life is about much more than working for your pension, argues Carl Beech
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iTech How much do you know about the world wide web’s origins?

Going Places We choose the best places to visit in the city of Munich

Life can be stressful, but God can help us get it right, says expert Dr Kate Middleton

Devotion Why singing together is so important for worship. And how sin can make us love God more

Why I Believe Youth worker Emma Jankovskis explains how she hears from God when she’s in the bath!

iReviews The best in Christian entertainment with Rachel Issitt

Puzzles a whole page of fun

We often think we know better than God, says John Andrews in the final article in his series on life’s boxes

God loves it when we meet him, writes worship leader Chris Bowater

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iBelieve editor, Peter Wreford

In Narnia, it is always winter but never Christmas until Father Christams appears.

I love the long evenings and the bright skies. I love getting the garden in order and enjoying the outdoors. A little bit of sunshine seems to go a long way to making people feel better about life. I think that’s part of what is so appealing about the Big Church Day Out.
This month, we’ve been talking to Tim Jupp about the latest chapter in the story of this great event. I love the simplicity of Tim’s approach. There’s nothing pretentious about a big family gathering, and that vibe spills over into the Big Church Day Out. Family barbecues at my house are a source of great joy, but there’s no need to be something you’re not: you’re accepted as you are. We eat and play together, enjoying God’s great grace.
In the Bible, Jesus makes it quite clear that the Church – at its best – is a lot like a family. It’s quite simple: we’re all supposed to contribute and look after each other. And when we all get together, it doesn’t have to be complicated: we should eat, play and enjoy God’s grace. I love Tim’s emphasis on the everyday obedience of faith. Following God is about what’s happening right in front of you. Rarely does it consist in huge statements: rather it’s a thousand little decisions. Knowing how best to navigate the course of our life isn’t always easy, of course.
John Andrews – whose appointment as principal of Mattersey Hall Bible College I was delighted to see – addresses just this point. Being limited is part of being authentically human, and it would pay us all to listen well to his wise words. Whatever you’re doing this month, walk in God’s grace and live abundantly!


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