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  • Urban Saints’ Matt Summerfield explains why taking a pay cut and becoming the Christian movement’s CEO is the best decision he’s made
  • Olympic medallist Christine Ohuruogo says she has learned to give thanks to God – even when things aren’t going to plan

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  • Going to watch her son in a nativity play changed the life of Felicity Barkus forever
  • Dele and Dumebi Oderinde are planning their first Christmas with their miracle son
  • Cop-turned-criminal Simon Pinchbeck reveals how finding God turned his world upside down
  • When Tyrel Wolfe sent a Christmas shoebox gift abroad as a child he had no idea it would lead to marriage

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  • iBelieve chef Emily Roberts will inspire you with four recipes for Christmas

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  • Your Money Spending on debt for Christmas will leave you miserable, warns Jeff Lestz

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  • Change your outlook to be happy, advises Joyce Meyer
  • J.John says happiness is for life, not just Christmas
  • Carl Beech explains how to make your dreams become reality

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  • iTech Smart watches are the latest big thing in the world of gadgets, but which is the best? We find out
  • Does Christmas matter? Songs of Praise presenter Pam Rhodes thinks so
  • Going Places What to do, what to see and where to stay in Edinburgh
  • Why I Believe Humanitarian ministry worker Charlotte Seymour
  • Devotion Ben Hampshire is waiting for Christmas, and finds that some key characters in the birth of Jesus were too!
  • Devotion We must learn to recognise that God is preparing us for action, writes Charlotte Gambill
  • How to play dominoes
  • Favourite Things Teaching assistant Becky Owen takes her pick
  • iReviews The best in Christian entertainment with Rachel Issitt
  • Puzzles A fun-packed page to challenge you over the Christmas break


[/td_text_with_title][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][td_text_with_title custom_title=”from the editor”]

What in the world has a bent copper got to do with Christmas?

Or a woman trudging around the Holy Land wearing her son’s shoes, for that matter? Read on, and all will be revealed..

My mum used to say that every society gets the police force it deserves – because the police are only people, just like you and me. That may be true, but former Metropolitan Police officer Simon Pinchbeck (p22) took his wrongdoing to the extreme, and found that crime really doesn’t pay.

At his lowest point Simon didn’t know whether he would end up serving a long stretch in prison or lying in a shallow grave in Epping Forest.

Then all his Christmases came at once when he found help in the very last place he expected – in church! And if all this seems very far removed from Baby Jesus in a manger, it might just be that you’ve missed the reason for the season.

Jesus didn’t come to find all the good people and give them a nice big gold star. He came for the Simons of this world; people who have done wrong and know they have done wrong. After all, it’s only the sick who need a doctor.

And what about that woman shuffling around in her son’s shoes? Pam Rhodes explains in her moving account of visiting Israel (p20) when this lady was part of the tour group. Expecting soon to lose her son to cancer, she bravely decided to take the trip they had planned together even though he was now too sick to travel.

And she found comfort in the knowledge that another mother had watched her son suffer and die 2,000 years before, and that she was not alone.

Remember, Christmas is for those who need it.

Happy Christmas


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