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TV’s Bear Grylls talks to iBelieve about his extraordinary life and fearless faith

Former atheist and author Lee Strobel is up-to-date proof of God’s grace

Boxing star Leon McKenzie attempted suicide, but says God has been with him through every battle

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Janina Mallari grew up feeling unloved and insecure, but all that changed at a Christian event

Britain’s only Christian adoption agency is looking to expand and help more children

A visit to church led to an unexpected turn of events for Christopher Bryan

Susie Flashman-Jarvis reveals her former life of topless modelling and drug-taking

Thomas Meyer wouldn’t be so concerned if he lost his Bible, because he’s got it memorised!
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iBelieve chef Emily Roberts cooks up a tomato and cheese tart and produces a delicious quick trifle

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Your Money Finance expert Jeff Lestz offers advice to manage your debt

How to become a witness of your faith

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Blogger Rachel Ridler reveals how an app helps her connect with God

Don’t let fear stop you – just seek God, writes top-selling evangelist and iBelieve columnist Joyce Meyer

Daddy Diaries New dad Mark Wreford discovers what life is like the first time you have to go away

Carl Beech explains his love-hate relationship with running and urges all of us to step up to the challenge

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iTech We explore Amazon and uncover whether it’s worth using or not

Why I Believe Chiropodist Jane Cavanna tells us how she spends a lot of time with her Bible

Going Places Italy is a beautiful country and we pay a visit to the breathtaking city of Parma

Devotion Baptism is the entry point into the family of God, writes Mark Wreford, as he looks at its roots

If we’re to win in the race of life we must keep in our own lane, argues Ben Hampshire

No free lunch here! But food is at the heart of good Christianity

Favourite Things with Paul Folland, of Rotherham Elim Church

Puzzles – a whole page of fun

iReviews The best in Christian entertainment with Rachel Issitt
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iBelieve editor, Peter Wreford

Stories are the currency of humanity

CS Lewis once said that George MacDonald’s fairy tales had ‘baptised his imagination’ and opened up a path to believing in God. The best stories draw us in and give us a new way of seeing the world. That’s what happened to Lee Strobel – except that he lived his story out in the real world. A close brush with death stripped him of the mental acuity for which he has become famous as he has made the case for central Christian beliefs and established himself as one of the leading apologists of our time. Lee’s openness and candour make for compelling reading. Tragedy doesn’t always deepen faith, but it’s clear that he encountered God in the midst of his brokenness.

That’s the same place where serial adventurer Bear Grylls found out just how real his faith was as an adolescent. To be fair, anyone who can carry off that name has to have a few remarkable stories in their backpack, and he sure does.

There are two kinds of remarkable, though: moments that make you reach for superlatives, and the glorious hidden in the mundane. This month’s feature on Cornerstone – the country’s only Christian adoption agency – might sit in the latter, but it’s no less inspiring. The Bible tells us that God sets the lonely in families, and as part of God’s kingdom that family could well be yours. Raising children is an awesome responsibility and I’m proud that there’s an institution standing up for the ways of God in our nation.

This is an issue of fantastic and varied stories which are all united by the one great story God has been telling since the beginning of time. Find your place in it and invite someone else in – live life to the full and share it!


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