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An encounter with God in his prison cell helped to change the life of Mark Bowden forever[/td_text_with_title][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″][td_text_with_title custom_title=”Food”]Our resident chef Emily Roberts offers two tasty Passover meal ideas and a super sweet treat: lemon meringue pie![/td_text_with_title][td_text_with_title custom_title=”Advice”]Ask Julia Our agony aunt Julia Immonen answers your questions

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iReviews The best in Christian entertainment with Rachel Issitt[/td_text_with_title][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][td_text_with_title custom_title=”from the editor”]

iBelieve editor, Peter Wreford

Right now, atheism is in decline.

Not that you’d know from the way the media is talking. Atheism is a bit odd really: it’s a funny little footnote in the history of belief. It has never been a majority position and, despite the story it tells about itself, it is not the inevitable belief of the progressing masses.

It takes thinkers to raise their eyes about the flood of propaganda that flows from the pens of Dawkins and Dennett to ask the right questions, though. The former Bishop of Durham, NT Wright, is one of those people. He has the perfect name for someone whose academic day job depends on their being ‘right’ about the New Testament, but more importantly, he has been able to stand with integrity for the truth in a contested age. As you’ll see from his thoughts on Easter (page 35-37), Wright is more than happy to make a few people uncomfortable with his forthright opinions. He is pleased to shout about exactly what it is that makes Christianity special. That’s a rare commodity in public figures today, who often prefer to blend into a pluralistic background characterised by the tyranny of ‘tolerance’.

It’s good for all of us to remember what we’re all about, and that’s why I’m so excited we’ve been able to include a feature about the stations of the Cross.

Christians are often quick to move past the suffering of Easter to the triumph of the resurrection – and I love our enthusiasm for the life that Christ has won for us. It’s good, though, to spend time meditating on our suffering Saviour: it reminds us how valuable we are to him and it challenges us to be willing to walk behind him carrying our own cross.


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