iBelieve June 2014

The June 2014 issue of iBelieve includes:



Allyson-FelixFrom the editor
There’s a renewed interest in the gospel which excites me

Olympian Allyson Felix loves winning but medals aren’t her priority in life

Backstreet Boys member Brian Littrell explains he has always been rooted in faith

We talk to gospel band Divine Divine about life after their TV talent show victory


BrianJincy Zachariah faced tough trials as a female Christian in a Muslim nation

Costa Coffee might be the last place you’d expect to discover faith in Jesus, but Steve Young did

Missions pioneer Ian Green has a bold vision to transform gospel outreach in Europe


Our food editor Emily Roberts chooses two tantalising Thai dishes for you to try at home


Our new agony aunt, Sky presenter Julia Immonen answers your questions

The Bible says lots about money, but can you be a Christian and live in a rich country?


Those little decisions can make a big impact on your life, says New York Times bestselling author Joyce Meyer

Dad-to-be Mark Wreford finds just how expensive fatherhood is in the latest of our Daddy Diaries

It’s a tough time for Carl Beech, as his teenage daughters have reached ‘that age’. It’s time for a talk then…


How green is your smartphone?

Why I Believe
Neonatal nurse Janine Parkinson tells us about her faith

Dr Michael Brown looks at the differences between the Early Church and Christianity today

Favourite Things
Luke Smith
shares his choices this month

Rest Days
There’s more to Brussels than the European Parliament!


Summer’s coming and June can be a month of real hope

Beyond Reasonable Doubt
Mark Wreford
asks why we’re both shamed and captivated by sex

The latest books and music

Ruth Roberts reveals more about the Secret Life of a New Christian

PuzzlesTwo pages of fun

How to understand golf


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