iBelieve January 2014

The January issue of iBelieve includes:



From the editor: Here’s to a fantastic 2014 and a great revival in Great Britain!

Olympian Sanya Richards-Ross explains how faith keeps her grounded

American Idol winner Jordin Sparks talks about using her God-given talent


How pop group Abba helped launch pensioner Marg Randall into raising funds for missions

Worship leader Angie Lendon explains why she believes and how faith has shaped her life

Dan Houston reveals how he died, saw angels and spoke to God before waking up in a hospital bed

How Neil Leatherbarrow coped after the heartbreak of losing his daughter

Build your life on the right foundation, says Jay Lowder, who once contemplated suicide


Emily Roberts shares her recipe for a winter favourite, Lancashire Hot Pot, and a taste bud tickling treat, S’Mores


You don’t have to sacrifice your savings when money is tight after the festive season


The key to happiness is simple, writes evangelist Joyce Meyer – follow God’s will

What men’s ministry leader Carl Beech discovered in the red light district of Phnom Penh


There’s a lot more to Google than meets the eye

My Favourite Things
With management consultant Pete Rolls

January is a great time to think about the Second Coming

Beyond Reasonable Doubt
The world is crying out for a Church that will actually live the way Jesus said, argues Mark Wreford

We are called from darkness to light, so approach the throne of grace boldly, writes Nathan Morris

Books, music & DVDs

How to get into shape for the New Year without spending a fortune on gym membership


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