iBelieve April 2014

The latest issue of iBelieve includes:



Sitcom child star, actress and director Kim Fields knows all about comedy and reality

Writer Ruth Roberts is keeping her identity secret – she’s writing about church!

Top rock band Switchfoot are flying high while they aim to ‘speak truth in relevant ways’


How brave mum Stella Muma faced the agonising decision to forgive her son’s killers

Messed up in the occult, Charles Evans considered taking his own life but prayer saved him

Ever felt outshone? Spare a thought for retired minister Tony Anderson – his brother is a rock star!


Singing sensation Tara Mathew shares her top ten down-to-earth fashion tips


Get set for Easter with these fantastic recipes from Emily Roberts


Crowdfunding is a revolutionary new way of raising cash. Our money expert explains


Before we can love others we must receive God’s love ourselves, says New York Times bestseller Joyce Meyer

The magical moment I found out I’d be a dad. Don’t miss our brilliant new column, Daddy Diaries

Being stranded in an airport after his plane broke down led Carl Beech to realise how useful frustration can be


They may be nothing new, but how exactly do you choose the best washing machine?

Why I Believe
Sky journalist Ben Hampshire explains his faith

My Favourite Things
This month Alison Carson shares her tastes

We check out some wacky ideas mixing gadgetry with food!

OsloRest Days
We pick the best places to visit and stay in Oslo

Why Christians must focus on Jesus at Easter

Beyond Reasonable Doubt
Christianity gives us all a place in God’s great story, but where does the Church fit into that, asks Mark Wreford

Books & music

All Christ’s disciples were shocked when he rose from the dead, explains veteran minister David Littlewood

Two pages of fun

How to master the art of singing


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