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  • How former cheerleader Andi Andrew became a church leader with a heart for women
  • New BBC Breakfast presenter Dan Walker is under fire for his faith
  • He’s gone from scoring goals to saving souls, but life’s as exciting as ever for Alan West
  • The Voice contestant Janine Dyer sings with all her heart and gives glory to God

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  • An Easter service changed life forever for former bodybuilder Rhian Speake
  • He was one of Britain’s most dangerous prisoners but Shane Taylor is different today
  • Duck Dynasty reality TV legend Phil Robertson is certainly not afraid to talk about his faith
  • Faith is the most important part of star striker Odion Ighalo’s life – even when big money tempts him

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  • iBelieve chef Emily Roberts serves up slow-cooked lamb shanks and chocolate caramel shortcakes

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  • Your Money Finance expert Jeff Lestz takes a look at our most precious commodity – time

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  • The Holy Spirit will help you face your giant, writes columnist Joyce Meyer
  • Death is just like passing through a river to the Promised Land, explains J.John
  • Carl Beech has some hot tips on how to avoid being an organ-smashing Puritan

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  • iTech We rate the best over-ear headphones
  • Why I Believe Church pastor Vince Williams shares his journey to faith
  • Going Places There’s more to Lake Garda than you might think
  • Favourite Things Bond film Skyfall is a favourite of Beth Evans
  • There is only one way that you can unlock your mind and that is on bended knee, explains Bible teacher RT Kendall
  • #TrendingNow The tweets that are trending about faith and life
  • Stop roasting your friends with religion, says Chris Spicer. Inspire them with freshly-brewed Coffee Chats!
  • Devotion Be careful how you use your tongue because words can do good as well as cause harm, warns Bruce Atkinson
  • Puzzles A full page of brain teasers to while away the hours
  • How to Get to grips with the rising tide of social media
  • iReviews The best in Christian resources with Rachel Issitt

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Peter Wreford July 2012

The results of the resurrection

The Easter story is the most extreme example of God intervening in our world to date. But it is also a very well-known story, which means Christian magazines find it challenging to come up with a fresh angle.

So you won’t find articles on the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ in this issue, but what you will find are outstanding testimonies to the results of the resurrection.

Take Shane Taylor for example. What, exactly, can society do with someone so sold out to evil as Shane was? Held in solitary confinement, the only time he left his cell was when six prison officers in full riot gear escorted him out to take a shower. Nothing this world could offer interested Shane, who loved knowing that people feared him – until he met the risen Christ, that is.

Or what about Rhian Speake, who was so hooked on bodybuilding that she almost turned herself into a man. But she could find no release until the message of Easter transformed her. “I felt like the top of my head had opened up and the light had come in,” she says.

Andi Andrew on the front cover was another who looked for love in all the wrong places. Although stunningly beautiful on the outside, she describes the moment she knew she was ‘accepted by this love that took me when I was ugly, took me with all of my anger and hatred, took me despite everything I had done’. That split second changed everything for Andi, who now spends her life helping others.

This is the Easter we believe in. Not a miscarriage of justice in a remote corner of the Roman Empire thousands of years ago, but an incredible moment in time when God Almighty became a man and hung on a cross to change everything forever.

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