Tom Lister joins fight against human trafficking

Tom Lister and the anti-trafficking charity Hope for Justice

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Tom Lister talks about his time on hit TV soap Emmerdale and his support for anti-trafficking charity Hope for Justice…

Tom ListerIf you’re an Emmerdale fan, you’ll know that Carl King wasn’t a very nice guy. But the actor who played Carl for many years, Tom Lister, is a committed Christian family man.

Tom grew up in a Christian home with hopes of becoming a geography teacher. But he soon discovered a real love for English and drama, inspired by a teacher who had a passion for Shakespeare. This teacher put on a play to celebrate the 50th anniversary of VE Day about a football team going out to fight in World War II.

“We all auditioned for it and I got the lead,” Tom recalls.

“Then I got the bug for acting and deferred university, much to my father’s disgust.

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“I deferred university for a couple of years and went and joined Youth for Christ and went round the country with their theatre company for two years.

“I plucked up the courage to audition for drama college off the back of that. And the rest is history!

“It was an incredible few years, even going to Youth for Christ. I’m a twin, so my father obviously wanted me and my brother to go off to university and get all the financial outlay for that out of the way. It was around about the time that university fees were coming in and all that type of stuff so he was really not relishing the thought of me going to work for a charity for two years.

“But I felt it was right so I went and auditioned and I got offered a place. Then, funnily enough, within about two weeks, we had all the money to pay for a year at Youth for Christ through people saying, ‘I just feel God told me to give you this,’ or ‘I feel I should give you this.’ It was amazing, and a really humbling experience. We were blown away by that.”

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