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Peter Wreford: Don’t give up now on our desperately needy nation

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Always happy to say hello... New Life Publishing Editor-in-Chief Peter Wreford

New Life Publishing Editor-in-Chief Peter Wreford

An amazing move of God has been taking place in Reading this year with nearly 2,000 people praying the prayer of salvation, largely through street evangelism.

Ministers in the town say they have never known a time when people were so receptive to hearing the gospel.

And, as is so often God’s way, this sweeping wave of conversions has taken place with little hype and fanfare. But it certainly hasn’t come out of the blue.

Ministers in the town have been meeting together regularly for unity and prayer over the past 19 years.

There are remarkably few things in the Bible that Jesus actually tells us to pray for, but asking the Lord of the Harvest to send out workers into the harvest field is one of them.

And Christ also specifically told us that we should always pray and never give up. So, if you feel like giving up on our desperately needy nation, don’t. Dig in again, shake off the dust, and seek God once more.

In this vein, we applaud the efforts of Matt Bird as he encourages churches to engage with their communities and invite them to pray for God’s help over key areas of society.

Another principle we learn from Jesus is the importance of returning to give thanks.

And that includes thanking God for the tough times that chase us to seek him – as is so eloquently stated by Lauren Mobsby, who suffered abuse as a child, but who says he is grateful for her past because it led led her to the Lord.

So, at iBelieve we put on record that we are grateful to God for the news of the gospel running freely in our land. And we encourage all believers to redouble their efforts in prayer that the will of God may be done here on earth.

This is Peter Wreford’s editorial from the September 2016 issue of iBelieve Magazine

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