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  • Chaplain Alfred Cooper tells how Chile prayed its trapped miners out of danger
  • How Dave Silber is helping the next generation of church leaders and redefining worship
  • Hollywood star Kirk Cameron says his faith is worth more than any work it might have lost him

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  • Determined mum Angie Keith says her daughter is still spreading joy after her death
  • Lindsay Bruce realised God was calling her after surviving an horrific car crash
  • Worship leader and church pastor Doug Williams recalls how life went from turmoil to hope

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  • Emily Roberts has two recipes to use up autumn’s favourite fruit: blackberries

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  • Your Money Do you listen to what God is saying to you? That’s the question from finance expert Jeff Lestz

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  • Joyce Meyer reveals how God taught her to be a good steward
  • We all need to put our feet up now and then, writes Carl Beech

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  • Pop star Justin Bieber has been baptised and attended a Hillsong conference

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  • iTech We check out an app from Tearfund that helps put faith in action to see how it really can change lives
  • Sport Australian rugby star Jarryd Hayne explains why he couldn’t have swapped sports without God
  • Why I Believe Gifted communicator Nikki Rucci talks faith
  • Favourite Things with primary school teacher Phil Jankovskis
  • Going Places As autumn takes a grip, who wouldn’t love the idea of taking a break in Barbados?
  • Meet Steve Goss, the man who set up a course to help people find freedom through Jesus
  • #TrendingNow The tweets that are trending about faith and life
  • Devotion Move from talking about miracles to experiencing them, with Bill Johnson
  • Devotion God’s promises are steadfast and strong, writes Charlotte Gambill in her second article of a series
  • How to set up a book club
  • iReviews The best in Christian entertainment with Rachel Issitt

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iBelieve editor, Peter Wreford

There are many things that make me proud of Great Britain

Historically, we have been a massive blessing to so many countries, taking the Bible and the gospel right around the world.
We stood alone as the monstrous evil of Fascism marched across Europe, and the churches were filled again and again when the then King called our nation to prayer for God’s help in the struggle.
Sadly, we have moved very far from those days. But others have picked up the baton we dropped. When 33 Chilean miners were trapped underground with little hope of rescue, the President, the First Lady and the entire cabinet joined the chaplains in prayer for God to intervene. Meanwhile, the trapped men also humbled themselves and asked God for help. Setting up a church underground, they survived on half a teaspoon of tuna a day. And when they opened their last tin of food, they called it the last supper!

The very next day the rescue drill reached them, having been miraculously deflected into their path.
Our interview with Chaplain Alfred Cooper (p8) recounts how British reporters mocked that ‘the God who got them out got them in there in the first place’, but his answer to them was brilliant. “Unsafe mines are a product of human greed in a fallen world,” he said. “But what we find at the bottom of the mine is sinful people praying for God’s help, and we witness a miracle.”

Just as much as those men needed to find freedom, we in Britain need God to rescue us today. So, if you are a leader, lead your people in prayer. If you feel that you don’t know how to pray, pray anyway.

There is no such thing as a ‘good prayer’. As a great king in the Bible once pleaded, “We don’t know what to do, but our eyes are on you.”


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