Grow people not churches, says Paul Scanlon

Grow people not churches, says Paul Scanlon

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Paul Scanlon went from a tough Yorkshire council estate to building the foundations of one of Britain’s foremost churches. Ben Hampshire caught up with him

If you would have told the young man who paced the street of a West Yorkshire council estate that he would build a large church and travel the world communicating the message of Jesus, he would most likely have laughed you away.

However, after encountering the love of God for himself, Paul Scanlon found his way into church leadership and went on to transform a white middle-class church into a community beacon attracting people from all walks of life.

“I was always interested in readIng, learning and growing,” Paul tells iBelieve Magazine.

“I was always fascinated by people’s ability to communicate – primarily preachers – and being inspired by these communicators was probably a sign at an early stage in my walk with God that this was something I would be doing.

“I was unusually interested in the behind-the-scenes of church, despite at the time being full-time working in labouring jobs to pay the bills.

“I was around 22 when the church approached me and asked if I would quit my job to take part in the leadership academy that we had in house at the time and I was so surprised to be going full-time into the church.”

Paul has gone on to travel the globe as one of the most sought-after and inspirational Christian speakers, but although passionate about communication, his first attempt proved a humble beginning.

Read the full interview with Paul in the July 2016 issue of Believe magazine


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