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peter-wreford“Christmas is really about the gospel of grace for sinners,” says my church pastor friend Simon Foster. “Because of all that Christ has done on the cross, the manger becomes the most hopeful place in a universe darkened with hopelessness. In the irony of all ironies, Christmas is for those who will find it the hardest to enjoy. It really is for those who hate it most.”

I have to say I agree with Simon. It’s easy to talk about gifts, food and family festivities this month – and we’ll be doing plenty of that – but what about those who really aren’t looking forward to the festive celebrations?

Loneliness, bad memories or family hurt can make this the most dreaded time of the year, even for church regulars. But, in a bizarre twist, that’s exactly why you need Jesus this December. He really is the reason for the season and he really is the one who can get you through each day and out of your current mess.

The baby Jesus is the perfect reminder that God understands everything about our humanity and the pains and struggles we all go through.

‘Jesus really is the reason for the season, and can help you get through’


This month in iBelieve we talk to a former topless model, a famous singer, an opera star, two ex-druggies and a tough kick boxing champion. They all come from a variety of backgrounds but have found that putting their trust in the one born in Bethlehem has completely changed their lives.

Christmas might not be something you are looking forward to, but find comfort in these stories of hope and allow the great God of grace to perform a festive miracle for you.


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