Kevin Durant has praised God for his success

Basketball superstar Kevin Durant praises God at career pinnacle

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The NBA player says he’s thankful to God for his gifts

NBA superstar Kevin Durant has expressed his gratitude to God for the gifts in his life after reaching the top of his sport.

Oklahoma City Thunder forward Durant collected America’s National Basketball Association’s most cov- eted prize for Most Valuable Player in 2014, but is determined to remain grounded.

The 26-year-old admits fame and fortune make it is easy to get carried away, but says his sole focus is to concentrate on humility and improvement.

“It’s tough,” he says. “I can’t lie about that. But I always kind of pinch myself and say that any day this can be gone.

“In the Bible, it says the Lord exalts humility and that’s one thing I try to be all the time – when I’m talking in front of people or when people tell me I’m great, I remind myself that I can always be better.

I always work on what I have now. I’ve just got to be thankful to the Lord for the gifts he’s given me.

My gift back to him is to always be humble and to always try to work as hard as I can.”

However, even if he did start to get carried away with stardom, Durant knows his family and friends would be the first to offer a reality check.

“I know that if I try to get a big head, my mum is going to do a great job of bringing me back down to size,” he says. “I have the best of both worlds with the coaches we have here and my parents and my family doing it back at home. I’m in pretty good hands.”

Durant was brought up in a faith filled environment, but says his desire is to continue drawing closer to God.

“I went to a Christian school,” he recalls.

“I was always intrigued simply about how we got here. Why do we do the things we do? Who made us like this?

“My mum always sat me down and talked to me and I have spiritual teachers that help me out.
“I’m not perfect at all, by any means. I’ve got a long way to go to become closer to the Lord but hopefully I can continue to stay on the path.

“I might take a few steps forward and take a couple steps back and take some steps forward, but I want to get better.”

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