Finding Liberty

New York church leader Andi Andrew

Andi Andrew and her husband, Paul are the pioneers and senior pastors of Liberty Church in New York City and speak at churches around the world, although this was the last thing on Andi’s mind after she walked away from church as a child.

Growing up in church left a sour taste in Andi’s mouth, leading her to turn her back and explore what the world could offer. 

“I grew up in Washington in a controlling church and if you were looking from the outside you would probably have thought it was some kind of cult,” she tells iBelieve.

“My experience with church from a very young age was very controlling and not something that was based on relationship, but very much based on control by leaders. 

“In that season I could tell my mum and dad were being hurt by what was happening and, because of all that, my dad was never really able to be present in my life as a young girl. Even though I would ‘go to church’, internally I was rejecting all that it was. 

“I could sense the presence of God in my own life, but what I saw in church did not match that, so I started to ruin my own life…”


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