Heroes of the Faith January - March 2015

Heroes of the Faith Jan – Mar 2015

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Being led by the Spirit
Is key to our spiritual maturity, says Derek Prince

Shaping the World by Prayer
How Praying Hyde learned intercession

The Apostle to Wales
Daniel Rowland may not be a household name, but he ranks among the all-time top preachers

Bible Crossword
Test your knowledge of the Scriptures

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Time Travel
Whole secret society saved in the Congo

Effective Preaching
Aim for converts, says Charles Finney

The Big Picture
Our pressing need for gospel workers

Paul The Apostle
God’s chosen instrument to transform history

Starry, starry night
J. John looks at the life of Vincent Van Gogh

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Lessons from the Greats
Andrew Murray learns from David Wilkerson

Gypsy William Lee
Our tribute to a modern great evangelist

Energy and soul of ministry
Prayer is our secret weapon, says EM Bounds

All hail the power!
The amazing story behind our ‘National Anthem’

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David LittlewoodWhat is an apostle?

The word has been much bandied about in church circles during recent years, sometimes by people with limited understanding. As far as the Church is concerned the term arose with Jesus when he appointed twelve men whom he called ‘apostles’.

Looking at the Greek word ‘apostolos’ it simply means ‘one who is sent’. However, built into the word is the strong implication that the said person is sent by God with a particular purpose in mind – to cause breakthrough in the progress of the kingdom of God on earth.

We see this clearly in the ministry of the Apostle Paul. Perhaps no man has ever caused such breakthroughs in the realm of evangelism, church planting, team building and (in the right sense) radical theology. Many reckon Paul to be, next to Jesus, the greatest man who ever lived. Read our assessment of his life and see if you agree!

The missionary John Hyde appears an unlikely candidate for apostleship as he was partially deaf and not very impressive, naturally speaking, as a preacher. However, God used John Hyde to bring such breakthroughs in the realm of prayer and intercession that he was known as ‘Praying Hyde’. You can trace the spiritual agonies and sacrifice of his remarkable life in these pages.

If Hyde was not impressive in his oratory, then 18th century Anglican clergyman, Daniel Rowland, certainly was! In fact, many of his contemporaries rated him alongside George Whitefield as an outstanding preacher. With the aid of his oratory and the power of the Holy Spirit, this man brought breakthroughs to his native Wales that transformed the whole culture of the places where he ministered. Ultimately his fervour for souls cost him his licence and living as an Anglican minister, but this indomitable man simply went on to preach the gospel as a non-conformist.

Moving to more modern times, perhaps no story has attracted so much attention in the Church as that of the late David Wilkerson, the American country minister who confronted the homicidal gangs of New York with the gospel. David’s story was popularised in the thrilling bestseller, ‘The Cross and the Switchblade’, a book that inspired a whole generation of Christians to recognise that the miracle working God of the Bible was indeed alive and well on Planet Earth! Guided by the Holy Spirit, David went on to pioneer breakthrough in reaching drug addicts and troubled young people by founding the international youth organisation, Teen Challenge.

Breakthrough is what the Church continually needs. I believe that when the Lord asked us to ‘pray the Lord of the harvest to send forth labourers’ it was apostles he had particularly in mind. We may never be apostles ourselves but by reading the inspiring accounts in these pages, let’s be motivated to pray for apostles to be sent to bring spiritual breakthrough to our desperately troubled world.

David Littlewood, Editor


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