Glyn Barrett’s audacious plan

Glyn Barrett’s audacious plan

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Glyn Barett’s audacious plan

Glyn Barrett is a man on a mission to stop the traffic for church in Manchester. He spoke exclusively to iBelieve about his vision

When Glyn and Sophia Barrett put out the chairs for their first ever service at !Audacious Church in Manchester, they had no idea if anyone would walk through the doors of their small building. But that Sunday, 90 people came. It was an impressive beginning, but the Australian couple would never have dreamed that just ten years later, they’d be leading one of the fastest growing churches in the UK. Today !Audacious Church sees more than 3,500 people attend its four services every Sunday in their huge warehouse building in Manchester. Their second campus in Chester is already attracting more than 300 people each week after just a year. Last year alone, close to 2,000 people made commitments to Christ at their two campuses. Glyn is now a sought-after communicator, and his messages and motivational teaching continue to inspire people of all generations throughout the world.

His journey into church ministry began at the age of 12 when he had a powerful encounter with God. As a pastor’s kid growing up in Brisbane, this was a major turning point in his life. “When I was baptised in the Holy Spirit, it totally changed my life. I learned to live my life on the basis of God’s opinion and God’s direction. This happened the year that I started high school in Australia. The timing of God is amazing, because it was also the year my father opened a new church facility which was built on about 14 acres of land with an auditorium for 1,000 people. It became the talk of the city, which was small with 80,000 people, so everyone knew about this new church building.

This article is from the June 2017 issue of iBelieve Magazine. Order your copy today…

“Instead of cities being known for football we want to see churches creating traffic jams in them..”

“When I was baptised in the Holy Spirit, it totally changed my life..”

“Also we go for souls at every meeting we do. We believe it so much, that today is the day of salvation..”

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