Gangster Wraps Up Violent Past

Gangster Sephton Henry Wraps Up Violent Past

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Gangster Wraps Up Violent Past

Reading the Bible every day in prison was a life-transforming experience for London gangster Sephton Henry.

Henry ended up searching for love and affection on the streets, but found himself in the arms of older boys in south-east London from the age of eight.

He said: “Older boys in my area in south-east London told me to deliver something to a man down the road.

“I didn’t know that the package had drugs in it until I saw the man overdosing on the floor. I started to feel bad; that somehow it was my fault, so I said to myself I would avoid going near the older boys. “But I was a kid, and when you’re a kid you only go as far as the shops and the park, and that’s where they are, so I was bound to bump into them. And I did – again and again and again.”

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