Stephen Lawrence’s Dad Keeps Faith – Father Speaks Out 25 Years After Murder

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Father speaks out 25 years after murder – The father of Stephen Lawrence says he FORGIVES his son’s killers. Neville Lawrence spoke out after Theresa May announced there would be an annual memorial of the death of the teenager.

Almost 25 years after losing his first child, Lawrence, 76, said the decision to forgive is due to his faith
in Christ.

He said: “My family, especially me, will never be the people we were before Stephen’s death. But the comfort you find in Jesus Christ gives you the opportunity to release those who have committed even the worst crime against you. This is a life sentence that you can’t finish. The only time my life sentence will be finished is when I’m in the ground.”

Stephen was murdered by a gang of racists in Eltham, South East London, on April 22, 1993 at the age of 18.

He said: “The fact that I had to lose my first child has been devastating. I can’t begin to explain the pain and the anguish me and my family have suffered over the past 25 years.” A key moment was when Lawrence and his ex-wife Doreen met Nelson Mandela two weeks after Stephen died.

He added: “When I met him I was so inspired by his persona and the way he talked to people

“He made it clear to us that in his country it was something that they go through every day, but never in his wildest dreams did he think that something like that would happen in a place like Britain.

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  1. A difficult thing to do to forgive a son’s killers! Mr Lawrence is an example of God:s grace.

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