The Bible vs the Quran – Billy Fenning

the Bible vs the Quran

In a nation where Islam is growing, British Christians need to be more aware than ever of the differences between religions, explains Billy Fenning

Islam and Christianity are incompatible on many levels

In sharing about the threat of Islam to Christianity, it is first important to look at a wider picture that is invading the minds of people in our Western culture, and that is the growing belief in pluralism. Pluralism is the belief that all religions are the same, worshipping the same God. But it is a false premise because, whilst there may be similarities between religions, all religions are not mutually compatible. Islam provides a particular challenge to Christianity because next to Christianity it is the fast-
est growing religion in the world. Islam, among religions of the world, stands classified along with Christianity as possessing a certain group of important characteristics; monotheism, personal foundation and universalism – the mission to reach out to the world.

There are those who would advocate that the god of Islam is the same as the God in the Christian Bible and, whilst there are many similarities between the two religions, there are great differences that make belief in them both incompatible. As David Mathis once said, “Christians and Muslims who disagree with respect will show more courtesy than pretending we all believe the same thing.” So, do Christian and Muslims worship the same deity? Is the Islamic notion of Allah compatible with the Christian belief in God? The answer is that Islam and Christianity are incompatible on many levels.

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“Muhammad was not foretold in either Old or New Testaments, but Jesus fulfilled 3,500 prophecies concerning his life predicted in the Old Testament”

“Christians and Muslims who disagree with respect will show more courtesy than pretending we all believe the same thing.”

“Jesus Christ never searched for the light; he had a consistent God consciousness not only of character, but direction, because he is the light!”

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