Reaching The Nations Together – Paul Hudson

This month, we are looking at Elim’s focus on the nations and the work being done to reach out with the gospel. To kick us off, we speak to Paul Hudson, Director of Elim International Missions…

How is life as Director of Elim Missions?

Life is great! The role has developed rapidly over the five years I have been in post. It can be split into three sections – engaging pastors and UK churches with Elim globally; pastoring the missionaries and raising new ones; facilitating the growing work of Elim across the world.

I believe the Holy Spirit has evolved my role into something that is exciting and influential, and one that every day leaves me with a profound sense of privilege that I get the opportu- nity to serve in this way.

How many countries do you visit each year? Are you ever at home?

One of the first things I did when I took on the role was to place myself into an accountability group who ask me these kind of questions! I have agreed with them that this year I will only make 12 overseas trips.

What’s the most moving story you’ve encountered since you started the role?

Elim churches have been sending money and teams into the east side of the Democratic Republic of Congo to work with a partner organisation called Comfort Congo, which is helping former child soldiers and ladies caught up in war crime. The most moving story I’ve encountered comes from there.

A few years ago, I met a lady who had been abducted from her home by the rebels and taken to be a wife for one of the rebel leaders. She was systematically raped over 56 days and had lost count how many times she was violated. She eventually escaped and re- turned to her home only for her husband to reject her because of the shame.

I was talking to her in the community where we work and she told me her story. I asked her what she now felt about God. She was confused by my question, but then said, “God was with me in every rape. He never left my side. I have lost everything: my dreams, hopes, my husband and home, my work, everything. They have even taken my identity. I no longer feel like a woman. But there is one thing the enemy will never take from me and that is my eternity.”

I was moved to tears, not only of compassion but of re- pentance, as I realised how little I lived in light of my eternity compared to this lady.

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