Letter To My Younger Self – Ben Cooley

As founder of Hope for Justice, Ben Cooley, reflects on the incredible provision of God through his ministry so far. He encourages the leaders of the Elim Movement with a letter written to his younger self

Dear 26-year-old me, You may wish to change the world and you may have a dream in your heart, but let me tell you about the four stages of life you will experience along the way.

Stage One: Frustration

Frustration can be the greatest gift in your life if you will allow the pain to become
your friend. Thomas Edison understood this frustration as many did as they were walking around with candles in their hands, but he decided to do something about it and created something called the light bulb. One lady, called Josephine (thank God for her), as she saw pots being smashed and cracked as they were washed, she went out and changed the world by inventing the life-saving machine which is the dishwasher. If you choose to get rid of your pain or frustration, there is a good chance you will lose your vision in the process.

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