Darren Mulligan - We are all messengers

Darren Mulligan – We are all messengers

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Darren Mulligan - We are all messengers

We Are Messengers is a band making huge strides in the USA, but it had a humble start at an Elim church in Ireland. Frontman Darren Mulligan explains

Can you tell us a bit about yourself, your family, where you come from and about your background?

I am 37 and married to an incredible godly wife Heidi and we live in Nashville with our three children Elijah, Emmanuelle and Caleb. I grew up just outside Monaghan town in Ireland. I was raised in the Catholic faith by wonderful parents to know right from wrong, and imbued with a healthy respect and fear of God. However, I did not have a personal relationship with Jesus and I fell into agnosticism as a teenager and later atheism.

How did you encounter Jesus and begin your walk of faith?

Jesus had been trying to get my attention for a long time. I recently found a Gideon Bible given to me when I had just entered secondary school. The pages are tattered and worn. I remember reading through it frantically as a young boy but then putting it down and never lifting it again. I moved to America in 2005 to play music in a rock band and my life fell apart. I had lost any semblance of faith and turned my back on everything I had been taught. I was about as far from God as I could have been and in my loneliness I found myself having sexual encounters with women and drinking heavily so that I could indulge in whatever sin I wanted. All of this was happening while Heidi, who at this stage had been my girlfriend for seven years, remained in Dublin. Now, we both see that God took me away so that he could reach Heidi who surrendered to Jesus in 2005.

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‘‘We believe that we and anyone who has been transformed by Jesus is a messenger carrying the Good News of Jesus with them… we are all messengers’’

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