Dream On: How Rachel Lee’s Vision Of Ministry To Kids Came True

Rachel Lee explains how after encountering God she had a vivid dream which, years later, has become real as she helps families in Romania meet their practical, emotional and spiritual needs

Brought up in a Christian home, Rachel Lee made a commitment to God at the age of 11.

However, she didn’t instantly see her life change on account of her rebellious nature.

Rachel Lee achieved her dream of ministering to children

Rachel Lee achieved her dream of ministering to children

After an encounter with God Rachel realised she needed to take her faith seriously and that God had a purpose for her life.

One evening at a Christian event, a youthful Rachel seated herself at the back so she could mess around. But towards the end of the evening, something the youth leader said suddenly struck a chord.

“I wanted to cry as I realised I needed Jesus in my life,” Rachel recalls. “I didn’t say a word to anyone, but that night in bed, and in tears, I started to pray for real for the first time. My father came in and talked with me. I confessed everything I had done wrong, asked for forgiveness
and for Jesus to become part of my life. I felt amazing.”

Some time after this, Rachel had a dream in which she was working as a nurse and pictured herself surrounded by children of all nationalities singing worship songs.

A fellow missionary

A fellow missionary

“I never understood the dream completely, but in my heart I wanted to be a nurse which I became – and I always felt the strong desire to become
a missionary to children.”

It wasn’t instantly clear how this would come about, but Elim Keynsham’s youth leaders, Mark and Jane Jones, decided in 2005 that the youth needed a challenge so that they could step out in faith and move out of their comfort zones. They were put in touch with Christian charity ‘Casa Grace’ based in Oradea, Romania. Casa needed support to run Christian summer camps for children who were living in poverty and for its poor families programme.

“Sharing the heart of Jesus through practical support is such an opportunity and an awesome privilege” – Rachel Lee

Rachel had an overwhelming sense that God wanted her to be involved.

“Never did I think at that time I would be leading the summer camps after just three years, and I certainly didn’t think we would still be running them now,” she says.

“God is so good. In many ways I feel completely inadequate running these camps. This year will be our 12th.”

In addition to organising the summer camps, Rachel, 49, helps raise funds to pay for them and prepares teams for the mission field. In recent years she has also joined a water project team set up by another Elim Keynsham member.

She explains, “We put water into the homes of some of the poor families from the Casa Grace programme. We fitted a sink and a water heater with
running water plumbed from their well or standpipe.”

Elim Keynsham also sup ports Romanian families with monthly food and hygiene parcels and is working with a small charity in Wales to send Christ-
mas shoeboxes over each year.

Last year Rachel had the privilege of going out to Oradea to distribute the shoeboxes, which numbered more than 300.

The needs of the Romanian families range from the basics, such as food, clothes and school equipment, to complex emotional and spiritual situations.

“Families so often find themselves without work and desperate to keep their families fed with a roof over their heads,” Rachel says.

“Casa supports these men and women by offering them courses in sewing and computers, with the hope of improving their chances of finding a job.

“Many of these families have little or no knowledge of the gospel, and sharing the heart of Jesus through practical support and sharing the gospel on the camp is such an opportunity and an awesome privilege.

“Here in the UK we are so blessed with freedom and wealth, and an amazing healthcare system. Sometimes it’s easy to forget or not even realise how others living only a short flight away are suffering, but their suffering could be so easily reduced with a little help from us.”

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